Welcome to MOVE.PLAY.MOM

I’m Dina. I’m also a mom, a business owner, a teacher and a wife. Why MOVE PLAY MOM? well….we move a lot, travel, play (I literally play for a living) and well…I have been a parent for 13 years….(I can’t believe that)

IMG_7058I started this blog because I wanted to share my family’s story. I am not quite sure how my posts will go. I just want to document our journey and share how we decided to embrace a more minimal and simple lifestyle. We recently purchased a smaller, older, fixer upper. It’s the perfect home for our life right now. We are going to renovate it and we want to take you along. There is so much attention to detail going into this project. This home will have a purpose. Every square inch will be used and yet it will remain simple and beautiful. At least in our eyes!

Being a mom of a blended family, a preschool owner, and teacher; I wanted to also use this space to share ideas about play, growth, challenges and everything else that comes with being a mom.

I also hope to share great finds, favorite products, cute clothing for my growing boys and everything else that comes with taking care of you….while taking care of everyone around you.

So if you are into our story, then follow us! There will be moments of raving, ranting and everything in between…I’m sure. At the end of the day, I hope you find something relatable or inspiring.

till the next post,