Female Hair Loss. Hair Extensions.

Oh, hair extensions…we have had such a long long ongoing relationship. It’s been moments of highs and some serious lows but you have come such a long way since we first met.

For those of you suffering from diffused hair loss, hair extensions can be a good option to add fullness to your hair. After my first was born and I went through my first major shed, I started to search for options to create more fullness. You can read more about my hair loss journey and diagnosis by clicking here…My Hair Loss Story.

Hair Extensions have been a huge confidence booster for me. They have helped get me through some dark moments, from instant help with clips-ins to more committed methods like weaves to tape-ins…I have tried them all.

For the past few years, I have been using a different method through a hair extensionist and hair loss replacement specialist located in Calgary. You can check out her Instagram here, Si Belle Hair Extensions. If you live in Calgary and are suffering from any type of hair loss, I would highly recommend checking her out.

Here’s the thing, as my hair loss progresses and my follicles stop producing hair after major sheds, hair extensions won’t be the solution best suited for me. I know that and as much as it freaks me out, today more than ever, there are some pretty amazing options for women losing hair. For now, I am still ok pulling off the hair extensions although I most recently had an insane shed (I still think I am going through it sadly) and lost a ton of hair on my crown. see caption…

My most current shed. You can see I lose most on my crown and upper half, My extensions lay well below this. There isn’t much I can do about this loss, except maybe hair fillers/powders or a full on hair topper.

Now I want to point out to all the readers wondering if maybe the hair loss is due to my extensions, it’s not. My hair loss is all over but mostly visible on the upper half and the crown of my head. My extensions have never sat that high or on my crown. I am very careful about where we place the hair, how I style my hair and how I color it. I am losing my hair because I have chronic telogen effluvium. You can read more about Chronic Telogen Effluvium here: CTE Canadian Hair Loss Foundation


So let’s chat extensions…So many of you want to know all about the different methods I tried – what works and what didn’t. So here we go!

First off, Clip-in extensions.

There are a million reasons why I am not into the clip-in hair extensions for women suffering from hair loss. Yes, it’s nice you can clip them in and take them out whenever you like but personally, I was looking for something that was a little more permanent. Clips-ins can be expensive, heavy and the little clip in teeth can cause a lot of damage to your hair when your hair is thin and fine. I think for a fun night out, something you don’t want to commit to long-term…sure these might work but if you are looking for something to wear daily, I would avoid these.

The Weave.

The weave…the worst. I don’t even want to talk much about how bad this method was, especially for thin hair. First of all the hair was heavy and expensive. The install took forever. The weave was so tight against my head that the first 4-5 days I cried at night and had to take Advil. It stuck out, created a major bump of hair whre it lay around my head, looked fake and when my hair would part naturally in the back you would totally see the weave. IT WAS BAD. Taking the thing out was even worse. From washing and sleeping and life….it got very matted and when she took it out I lost a TON of hair. NEVER AGAIN. I don’t recommend for fine to thinning hair (or at all).

Tape-in Extensions.

Tape-in’s were all the rage a few years back when they were introduced to the market. Tape-ins use a medical adhesive tape to stick to your natural hair. They lay super flat on your head and can be strategically placed. You can wear them for a long time with minimal damage to hair. I had Tape-ins for several years. I really didn’t mind them as they didn’t hurt, didn’t really pull and if you spent the money and got great ones like Glam Seamless they looked really really good. I did run into two issues though, the first being that as they grow out with your hair, they absolutely do get matted and tangled at times. the glue between the two pieces would get sticky and loosen and the two pieces would slide apart causing more matting. Secondly, taking them out can be really hard on your hair if not done by a professional. When I would put my hair up you could see the adhesive, especially cause my hair was thin, I was really limited on how many and where I could place them. I don’t mind these and if I didn’t have my current method I would probably go back to a high-quality tape-in. Be prepared to splurge, the hair isn’t cheap and the install every two to three months also comes with a hefty price tag.

The Undercover Method by Chantal at Si Belle Hair Extensions. 

This is the most current and the best extensions method I have been doing.  I actually asked Chantal to share with my readers a little bit about her method and story…

Hi Dina and Readers, I want to tell you a little about my Undercover Method that uses undetectable attachments and lightweight wefts. I created my method after having studied different extensionists methods that were damaging to hair. I can genuinely understand my clients because I too suffer from alopecia. Because of this, I didn’t want to do any of those damaging methods to my own hair so I decided to create my own unique method! What sets me apart from other extensionists is that I specialize specifically in female hair loss but am also happy to do this method on any woman looking for some length or volume! I take my time with your hair, I learn about each client’s unique situation. My hair is lightweight, and we color match perfectly to get a very seamless and natural look. Clients can go 6-7 weeks in-between tightening. The best part is that you can even tie your hair up without any of the attachments showing. 

Thanks Chantal!

Chantal does an amazing job and is so passionate about what she does. My hairdresser has been very aware of my hair loss, keeps an eye on it and has been watching the extensions for any damage…she loved my results so much that she too went to go see Chantal for extensions!

I can honestly say this has been the best method ever. I have no pain when it gets tightened, it’s light, the hair has lasted me for over a year and I have actually dyed it and style it regularly. Chantal uses only high-quality Remy Human Hair. Nobody has ever said…I can see your fake hair..or extensions. If anything, over the last year or so, I have had so many people ask me what I have been doing to my hair because they want to try it out. When I tell them it’s extensions, they CANNOT BELIEVE IT!

This is a close-up shot with a lot of lighting so you can see the lightweight hair weft that is placed and you cannot see how it’s held up it’s so tiny. There is no glue, no adhesive, no keratin bonding! It’s impossible to detect when my hair is down and it lays flat on my head.
Hair down! don’t see a thing!
Hair up! yes, I can totally put my hair up!

So there you have it. My extensions method. I am going to share next week some of the products I use in my hair to help with my hair styling, blow dry and keeping my hair healthy. Any comments you want to share, or have a question…ask!

until the next post,






Renovation Series. The Playroom Design.

I have had so many readers reach out asking when I would do a post about our playroom. Our playroom has really become more of a rumpus room, as my boys are a little older and not so little anymore, although I like to wish they were.

This weekend I want to kick off the Renovation Series with Playroom/Rumpus room Design. I want to take you into our space and share how the layout and design came to be. The next couple of renovation series posts will focus on organization, equipment/toys for all ages and storage in a playroom and/or bedroom.

When we were designing this space, in particular, we worked with all three boys and asked them for what they imagined this space would look like. You need to remember that my boys are also quite spread out. Domenic is 16, Anthony is 10 and Stefano is 6. Each of them had unique needs and requests that I wanted to honor and respect. Afterall this is going to be their space.

Let’s start with the oldest, Domenic. Dom wanted this space to be a place where his friends could feel welcomed, come over anytime and hang out. Whether it’s to watch Riverdale weekly with the gang,  watch a soccer game with his crew or having just the guys over for some gaming and pizza; he wanted the space to have a large TV, comfy seating and possibly a gaming system of some sort.

Anthony was probably the most demanding…First…he really wanted a “cool fireplace”. I’m not kidding. Now, for those of you who know me, you will know that this isn’t totally out of the box for him to request. One Christmas a couple years back, he actually asked Santa for a fireplace for his room. For this design project, Anthony insisted he needed a cozy place to have sleepovers with his friends and a good size TV to be able to game and watch movies on. He also requested we have good storage for his lego bins, a table to play board games, bean bags cause they are cool, possibly a billardini table (table soccer) and lots and lots of blankets. Ya…told you…he had a lot of input to share.

Stefano is my little collector of all things odd and loose. I attribute this directly to his curiosity which was greatly fostered by the AKIDEMY Preschool. As much as I love that he has a huge sense of wonder and likes to interact and engage with nature quite a bit, he also likes to keep it all…be it bugs, rocks, twigs, relics of things once cool now discarded by others…lol Oh yes. This minimalist, simple mom has a potential hoarder on her hands. I need to respect this about him and so we have, as he requested, a whole storage area dedicated to his loose parts and magical findings in storage bins (More on these next post). The only rule is, keep the living things outside, aka, worms, spiders, centipedes. So he needed storage. That was his only request. oh..nope, I lied…he also requested that I get a comfy couch.

The wonderful thing about planning this space was that I knew right from the start that we would require storage to hold all these special items, toys, legos, games, stuffies, blankets and the list goes on. I wanted to ensure that this space looked tidy and was not overwhelmed by stuff. So before any sort of design or decor ideas come to the table for discussion, I worked with my team at True Kitchen to design proper built-ins around the space that wouldn’t overwhelm the room.

old playroom
Before the renovation…
After, The Boys Room

Originally the fireplace was in the corner of this room, We cored a hole in the cement, closed up the old hole and centered the fireplace. Anthony was really excited to see that the fireplace would be center stage of the room. This fireplace had to be special so I opted for a custom sleek and modern mantel to wrap around the busy but super fun cement tile! Who doesn’t love stars!


Seating: We tried to meet all the boys requests. We got an awesome pull-out couch from Article that was inexpensive, had great reviews and is super duper comfortable both to watch Television or to sleep on the queen pull out.


I got two massive gray bean bags from Wayfair Canada. These bean bags are teardrop shaped and are really cozy to sink into. Perfect for a game of Mario Kart. We also got a second armless couch from West Elm.


Shelving and built-ins: I wanted to have a lot of space to store bins, games, extra toys, the linens for the pull-out couch. True Kitchen Calgary did a great job recreating my design. Turned out exactly how I envisioned it.


Extras: Television is a 60 inch Samsung smart TV. We bought the boys a billardini table and a Nintendo Switch gaming system.  The rug is from Wayfair Canada. The coffee table is from Ikea and is the perfect size to play a board game. I also didn’t want anything with edges because my boys like to get rough and wrestle… the last thing I need is for someone to lose an eye, this table is awesome, and I love the color!


Have any questions about playroom design? Wondering what are the best solutions for storage for little ones? Maybe thinking of what are the best toys for your children. Leave a comment! I am excited to share more about playroom organizations and storage over the next couple of weeks.

Till the next post,



Thinking about becoming a mompreneur? Are you ready to fly?

Welcome to my weekly mompreneur series. A space to support, encourage and empower other mom’s who are thinking of or are already running their own business.


Doesn’t seem real…four years under our belts and now we head into year five. I can’t believe it’s been five years since the birth of my first business baby.

I read someplace that 96% of small business will fail within the first 10 years. A little more than half will make it to 5 years and not many will last past that point, let alone celebrate 10 years.

My business is at the 5-year point and we are doing better than ever. Our outlook is very positive and there are a few things that I can attribute to this. What makes our program a success? Well just like any successful business there are some key things that we believe is what keeps the business growing strong. But that’s not what you are here for…

You are here because you’re thinking of starting a business. You are a busy mom with so much already on her plate, but something keeps bubbling inside of you and you are really considering the prospect. You can’t say no to that little voice inside your head, and the idea of being an entrepreneur, your own boss, the CEO, gets you really excited.

You spend hours doing research about starting your own venture…I know cause that was me 5 years ago…and now I am here…and so can you be!

ballpen blur close up computer

However, REALITY CHECK, let’s start at the beginning because without a strong foundation things can crumble quickly. So today’s posts I want to share a few things to consider that may help your decision when you are thinking of starting a business.

  • “We started from the bottom now we’re here” to sorta quote Drake?? Passion… My business partner and I worked in the field prior to opening our own venture. We were very passionate about what we did. This was really important as we strongly believed in what we were doing. We also did every possible job along the way working for and learning from strong leaders who taught us well and supported us when we decided to open our own business. We went from the front line staff,  quality control and all the way to directors, we had a lot of experience.  Before you knew it, we wanted to lead…and this became the first key to unlocking our success. The same goes for you. You need passion. When you think about the business you want to start you need to ask yourself these questions; Are you really passionate about it? Do you really believe in it? or are you seeing someone else doing it…and think…hmm I think can do that too and make an income!? What past experiences and skills do you have that can support you? and where can you look for support and seek advice? who can be a coach or mentor you can reach out to when you are just starting and have questions? We all start someplace and truth is we don’t know it all.
  • The desire to spend more time with family. Find your personal drive. For myself, I knew I wanted to create a business that would allow me to spend more time with my family. That meant that I had to be creative and smart. Our service allows us to close down during the summer months but that means I have to work double hard over the other times in order to bridge my wage to spread it over those summer months. This was a personal choice and was the main driver behind being able to spend summers (my absolute favorite time of the year) with my boys. I also wanted to be in control of my time and my schedule. If I want to be at my son’s soccer game, I can. Traveling with my family was also important to me so starting my own venture gave us way more freedom to do this. What is the driver for you? What is motivating you to want to start something new? Outside of the passion to do something you believe, what will it give back to you other than an income? For me, it was time. Time with my family. Time to live. The ability to control my time myself. dsc_7828.jpg
  • Getting over the fear of doing what you really want to do. Once you do…you fly. The idea of starting a business was so exciting, thrilling and scary AF. I would sit back and be writing the business plan completely immersed in it when suddenly a wave of uncertainty would rush over me. I felt sick. I was so worried I would fail but I was wrong, see the thing is…you don’t ever fail. Regardless of the outcome, you need to know that you are going into this taking a risk and if you are willing to take that jump, then you will fly, no hitting the ground here. There is so much learning that will take place in your weakest moments and your greatest successes and even if you fail. The journey will be full of learning, regardless of the outcomes and BELIEVE ME…If you have something you STRONGLY believe in and that you want or need to share with the world, how could you not! Nothing worse than bottling that up and living with regret. So if you are ready to jump, don’t close your eyes…it’s not that scary…just get ready to fly!

Starting a business is not an easy task, but it’s so rewarding. I don’t ever once look back and say I regret leaving my secure job with benefits. I am always looking ahead and so proud of what I’ve built. So, the question remains, are YOU ready to fly?

Take a moment to leave a comment or share your questions! What is holding you back? What are you most afraid of? Or maybe you have already taken the leap and want to share your journey with other readers. Nothing beats a little support from other moms in business…

till the next post,